Talk Show

Night GoblinNight Goblin
Night Goblin
Lee Soo-geun, Jeong Hyeong-don, Park Sung-kwang, Lee Hong-gi, and JR from NU’EST race to be the first one to arrive at the most popular destinations first for a prize every week. Cast members, or the “Night Goblins,” start the race at midnight where they must stay awake all night to get to the destination first the next morning.
Kang’s KitchenKang’s Kitchen
Kang’s Kitchen
For the first time in history, here comes a restaurant where the owner eats more than customers. In the backdrop of beautiful Jeju Island, amateur chef Ho-dong and members busy themselves with preparing ingredients, cooking, and serving customers. In the middle of the craziness, members learn the incredible satisfaction of seeing the smile on people’s face when they eat your ...
Youn’s KitchenYoun’s Kitchen
Youn’s Kitchen
Follow the cast in their journey to Gili Trawangan, a tropical island in Indonesia, where they open a pop-up restaurant for 10 days. Viewers can see the heartwarming struggles the actors go through to start their business, enjoy the gorgeous island backdrop, and laugh at the humorous situations that arise throughout the show.
Dragon ClubDragon Club
Dragon Club
Five celebrities with a 20-year-long friendship leave on a trip for a week to share their old memories and open a street vendor at Gangwon Province.
Mix NineMix Nine
Mix Nine
Mix Nine is an idol survival program, where idol groups perform and audition in a competition run by YG Entertainment.
Master KeyMaster Key
Master Key
Ace Key is an intuitive theatrical presentation which the watchers get the chance to decide the destiny of the player. Every week, big names contend with each other and play different recreations so as to accomplish triumph. The watchers progress toward becoming "Watchers" and take an interest in the diversion also. By the quantity of votes, each star gets uncommon ...
It’s Dangerous Beyond The BlanketsIt’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets
It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets
Some people like to stay at home doing nothing, and they are called a “homebody.” However, five homebody celebrities join this show to stay together and spend a holiday together. Actor Lee Sang Woo, Kang Daniel of Wanna One, Yong Jun Hyung of Highlight, Xiumin of Exo, and singer Park Jae Jung move into the same house. Will they be ...
I Live AloneI Live Alone
I Live Alone
It can be a symbol of respect to be "single." "I Live Alone" is a narrative style South Korean reality arrangement that takes after the individuals from a self-framed club called Rainbow, which is included superstars who are single and live alone. Appreciate feature cuts from this arrangement as these singles experience their every day lives. The clasps include Kim ...
Mystery Rank Show 123Mystery Rank Show 123
Mystery Rank Show 123
Riddle Ranking Show 1,2,3 is about mind amusements between the visitors who will attempt to trap the reasoners and the reasoners who will endeavor to figure reality. Five hopefuls seem each scene, and the reasoners need to make sense of the correct request with respect to the given mission.
Immortal SongsImmortal Songs
Immortal Songs
Here comes the universe of incredible vocalists! The best vocalists have reinterpretated the everlasting melodies in their own particular sentiments and feelings. Presently, it begins a delightful and moving rivalry past the time and space!
Men in Black BoxMen in Black Box
Men in Black Box
“Men in Black Box” is SBS’ programme hosted by Kim Gu Ra and Choi Ki Hwan, which looks into the hidden truth behind traffic incidents held by black boxes. It’s an educational programme with entertaining and heartwarming elements.
Radio StarRadio Star
Radio Star
“Radio Star” is a South Korean music talk show where the guests and hosts talk openly and intimately about their lives, their pasts and their work. It is part of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation's "Golden Fishery" programming block.